LYNOLOG (Lymph Node Logbook) is a database used to record cases of sentinel node in breast cancer that includes a common data structure in order to consolidate the information provided by the different participating centers. The data contained in the LYNOLOG constitute a fundamental tool for the study of the effectiveness of the sentinel node technique and will provide evidence for the decision-making process for clinical guides, decision algorithms and other similar tools.

LYNOLOG is comprised of data entered by each participating center.

This database is the result of work completed by the founding group of the Spanish Society for Sentinel Node Studies formed by:

  • Dr. José Ramón Antúnez
  • Dr. Blas Ballester
  • Dra. Laia Bernet
  • Dr. Rafael Cano
  • Dr. Jorge Fernández
  • Dr. Máximo Fraga
  • Dra. Irune Ruiz
  • Dr. Francesc Tresserras
  • Dra. Begoña Vieites
  • Dr. Sergi Vidal-Sicart

In collaboration with Sysmex España